What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a clear, nano-ceramic hydrophobic coating that gives your car a continuous “showroom shine” look, at the same time protecting the surface from minor scratches, dirt, aging and premature oxidation. Originally designed for the oil and aerospace industry, Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary technology that has quickly expanded into automotive, marine and aviation applications. Once applied, the coating cures into a permanent, flexible glass-shield, protecting surfaces such as paint, glass, wheels, head lights, front grill, etc. Ceramic Coating can even be applied to the inside of the vehicles, protecting the interior from spills and dirt!

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Less Washing and Maintenance
Tired of washing and waxing your car? Ceramic Coating’s glossy finish repels dirt, break dust and tar from sticking to your car’s paint, wheels and glass. This makes washing your vehicle less labor intensive and less frequent. With proper maintenance, waxing your car becomes a memory!

Keep your Car Looking New
Ceramic Coating creates a mirror effect, adding glossiness and color depth on your car’s finish! With proper maintenance, your car will shine for years to come.

Great Protection
Ceramic coating is 3 times hardness than clear coat! Protect your vehicle from minor scratches, aging and premature oxidation, and even increase its resale value!

COVER UP SOLUTION uses Ceramic Pro® and Gyeon®, the best Ceramic Coating products on the market!

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What does Ceramic Coating cost?

Individual Options:


This option is for GYEON product only. For Ceramic Pro packages, see our Ceramic Pro page.

  • ​$400 for 1 layer on all paintwork and trim


Improve visibility during rainy weather and help keep the windshield and the rest of the windows cleaner.

  • $150 for 1 layer of Rain; $100 for each additional layer


Help prevent brake dust build up and resist environmental elements that wheels are exposed to on a regular basis.

  • Option 1 ($150 & Up): One layer, wheel faces only (additional layers available)
  • Option 2 ($400): One layer, wheels and calipers are removed and coated inside and out (additional layers available)


Starting at $295

For drivers with active lifestyles or who want piece of mind that their interior surfaces will be protected, Ceramic Pro products are designed to protect ALL INTERIOR SURFACES from liquid penetration caused by food, drink spills, dirt, grease, or other common liquids that may cause interior staining.

  • Interior surfaces cleaned and prepared for Ceramic Pro Protection
  • 1 layer of Textile on all fabric and upholstered surfaces
  • 1 layer of Leather on all leather surfaces

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