Paint protection film and ceramic coatings are essential for the protection of automotive paint, as they preserve the integrity and worth of your new or used vehicle. This is especially true for daily drivers, as high-quality car films and coatings such as Clear Bra protective film and XPEL ceramic coatings can significantly increase their value and protect them from everyday wear and tear. Trust us, the last thing you want is to have the paint on your car peel off, and scratches, breaks, and chips in the paint are inevitable without a protective film. So do yourself a favor and invest in the latest car coating technology so your luxury vehicle stays in tip-top shape for years to come!


At COVER UP SOLUTION, we specialize in paint protection and correction, ceramic coatings, and window tinting services for automobiles of all kinds, from expensive sports cars and collectibles to new and used cars. We only use the best materials at our auto detailing shop, including XPEL Protective Films (ULTIMATE™, STEALTH™ Satin Finish, and PREMIUM SHIELD NEVER SCRATCH™), Ceramic Pro coatings, GYEON® Quartz Cloth coatings. We are factory-certified and are authorized to professionally install Clear Bra paint protection film and ceramic coatings on any type of vehicle.

Together, our top-quality films and car coating products and skilled technicians make COVER UP SOLUTION the best place to have your automotive paint protected in Salem and the surrounding Nashua, Manchester, and Andover areas. At COVER UP SOLUTION, we are proud to offer the following services:

Paint protection

Application of a high-quality paint protection film (shiny or matte) that shields the automobile from UV sun rays, scratches, and other contaminants while maintaining a brand-new shine.

Ceramic coating

Application of a water-resistant clear coat that enhances your automobile’s shine while protecting the surfaces (paint, glass, lights, grill, etc.) from scratches, dirt buildup, premature oxidation, and more.

Ceramic Pro coating

Application of the best ceramic coating available today, which rids your vehicle of contaminants while protecting the paint and reducing drag, making it perfect for sports cars.

Paint correction

Restoration of paint via the removal (buffing) of clear coat that has suffered oxidation, scratches, and other damage.

Window tinting

Application of high-quality grade film to block out UV rays, maintain an ideal temperature, reduce interior fading, increase safety, and more.

Corvette Z06 & Z51 coating

Application of top-quality clear coat protection film or ceramic coating specifically for Corvette models Z06 and Z51.

As Top Rated Local® car coating company in Salem, NH, COVER UP SOLUTION has been providing locals with exceptional paint films and car coating services since 2013 and is the go-to for all things automotive paint protection and correction. Our expert technicians know everything there is to know about different types of automotive paint and paint protection films as well as different makes and models of sports cars and collectibles. We value quality over quantity and take the time to coat every vehicle as if it were our own, which makes us a clear industry leader in professionalism and quality of service. When you choose COVER UP SOLUTION for your automotive paint protection and ceramic coating needs, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle truly is in the best hands.

If you live in the Salem area and are looking for the best car detailing shop, contact us today for a professional paint protection service or ceramic coating. Interested in learning more about the services we offer? Now that you know a little more about who COVER UP SOLUTION is and what we do, let’s dive into one of our specialties: automotive paint protection.

Auto Paint Protection (Clear Bra)

Paint protection film, also known as Clear Bra, has been used for decades as a way to protect automotive paint from everyday occurrences such as small rocks and other debris hitting the paint and causing minor to severe damage, thus resulting in the value of the vehicle decreasing substantially. These protective films also shield vehicles from harmful elements so that they do not eat away at the shiny surfaces. There is no easier way to protect your car from environmental damage and degradation than investing in a high-quality paint protection film at your local car detailing shop. So what is it and how does it work?

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Put simply, paint protection film is a performance film that is made specifically to protect auto paint and shiny metal surfaces from damage and degradation. As previously mentioned, environmental factors constantly pose a threat to the exterior of your vehicle, which can be prevented with high-quality car protection film. This is because the film acts as a barrier between the elements and the vulnerable aspects of your car, like its paint and shiny metal surfaces. Common contaminants that paint protection film defends against include:

Animal waste & insect splatter

UV rays & oxidation

Tree sap & pollen

Acid rain & mineral deposits

Road tar & mud

Air pollution & fumes

Minor scratches & abrasions

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Once applied, Clear Bra paint protection film seals the exterior of your vehicle as it dries, forming a reinforced shell that shields your car from any outside contaminants and minor abrasions. Given that it is strong, durable, and stain-resistant, it offers long-lasting protection for all automobile makes and models without having to be reapplied every few months. Paint protection film also improves the look and feel of your vehicle at the same time, making it a worthwhile investment for any automobile owner who is looking to protect the value and appearance of their BMW, Honda, Ford, or any other vehicle.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Paint protection technology has come a long way in recent years, as leading brands like XPEL have created multi-layer compounds that include advanced elastomeric polymers to increase the effectiveness of the film. Some paint protection films like the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS even offer self-healing abilities and stain resistance in addition to being nearly invisible, making them some of the best Clear Bra options today. The following are types of XPEL paint protection film that we offer at COVER UP SOLUTION.

  • ULTIMATE — A shiny paint protection film that is incredibly slick and smooth with four layers, including a polyester liner, acrylic adhesive, polyurethane, and high-quality, stain-resistant top coat.
  • ULTIMATE STEALTH — A matte paint protection film that coats and preserves matte auto paint using the same four Clear Bra layers.

What Does Paint Protection Cost?

At COVER UP SOLUTION, we are pleased to offer several different paint protection film packages with optional add-ons so you get exactly what you’re looking for at a reasonable price — and with a 10-year warranty. These packages include: