Good small business owner with a great attitude

As a person who takes my cars very seriously I make sure to line up appointments with service professionals before delivery to protect my lease/purchase. The list includes: window tinting, ceramic coating, film kits for vulnerable parts of the car, wheel coatings (BMW and MB brake dust is awful), leather protection (if the vehicle has non black leather).

The ceramic coating and film application process is an art and can’t just be done by any Tom, Dick or Harry….. If you go to the website for Xpel (the leader in film kits) they can provide you with all of those that have gone through their internal course and continuing education on installation. Cover Up Solutions is the only provider in the entire state of NH to have this designation. This actually means a lot because if something goes wrong with the film, Xpel will back it under warranty and NOT fight you with a denial because the installer was not authorized. Is that worth the price of admission? I was not sure yet…….

I called several other installers in the NH and MA/NH boarder area who use a similar product but less “healing” than Xpel and they were all much more difficult to go over the specifics options….

Cover Up Solutions is based out of the garage of Joe’s house and not some fancy garage with 6 bays and massive overhead. I was not sure about leaving a high-end luxury SUV at a “Strangers” house for a few days while the entire process took place. Well, after talking to Xpel and verifying that he is an authorized installer and the qualifications needed I felt a bit more at easy. Joe is able to work on your vehicle at any time of the day and doesn’t have to worry about getting home by a certain time. He is home!!!

The vehicle looks absolutely amazing and I allowed Joe to try a new product on the windows which is a glass repellent. He had never used it before and the labor took 4x as long as he expected. He NEVER asked me for additional funds because of this added labor. That is a good business person.

I spoke to Joe each day and he provided me with updates, pictures, etc. as he progressed.

Joe is an artist who cares to express himself through cars. He is a perfectionist and I will without a doubt use him again without any reservation. With that, in closing…. make a reservation because this one man company doesn’t hire employees so he is only able to have one or two cars at a time. I had a one week lead time and he had two more scheduled after me.

Good small business owner with a great attitude to those that appreciate his craft!

Fredric L.