I will never buy a car again and not have a ceramic coating applied

Services Done in May 2017:

Multi Step Paint Correction
Full Wrap in Xpel Ultimate paint protective film
Ceramic coating (Gyeon Mohs) on top of the film.

This review has been a long time coming, in part because I wanted to see how well the products and installation held up before I wrote a review. Let’s start with the work itself. I dropped my car off with Joe and it took him about 3 weeks to finish the work. He had at least another vehicle ahead of me and I was in no rush. I’d rather the job be done well than done unreasonably fast. The paint correction was great. I made note of a few scratches when I dropped it off and checked again at pick up. You could never tell they were there. The car looked like it had just rolled off the factory assembly line. That is to say, it looked fantastic, but don’t expect any orange peel in the paint to go away. That requires a lot of wet sanding, and while he may offer that, it’s not a part of the standard multi-step correction.

Next up was the Xpel. I had the entire car wrapped in Xpel Ultimate. Looking back on it, this may have been overkill, but I don’t have any real regrets. A precut kit was used instead of trying to custom fit rectangular sheets of Xpel to the car. This means that the body panels don’t have to be removed, and you don’t have to worry about paint damage from a razor blade being used to cut around emblems and the like. That being said, if you expect the install to be seamless you’ll be disappointed. You get no seams by tucking the film behind the panels, something you can’t do without taking them off. I know this bothers some people, but it’s really not that big of a deal. I’ve had lots of people see my car, and no one has noticed the film or any of it’s seams without me explicitly pointing them out.

Last, but definitely not least I had a ceramic coating put on top of the Xpel film. From a work stand point, there’s really nothing to comment on, and that’s a good thing. A properly applied ceramic coating is invisible to the eye other than the luster that it gives whatever it’s on top of. Improper (as in unevenly applied) applications of ceramic are noticeable to the naked eye and need sanding to correct if they’ve been totally cured. That wasn’t the case here. The ceramic was applied flawlessly and resulted in a fantastic finish with just the right amount of shine.

One year living with the work:

Xpel Ultimate:

My car has a rougher existence than most that have this much work done, because I don’t have a garage. My car lives outside 24/7 and is exposed to all that the elements and nature have to offer. Overall, it’s held up really well. There are a a couple places where I can see that the edges have lifted a tiny bit. They are mostly unnoticeable and the film doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, It’s only really noticeable on the edge of the t-top. It’s not coming off, but there is a little grime caked on under there. If the roof weren’t at eye level, I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen it. Occasionally I do worry that pressure washing that car may make those small edges lift up more, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve put the film on the front of the car to the test. I’ve got scraps on left and right of the front fender, and the film took the vast majority of the damage. I haven’t pulled it off yet, but it looks like it did it’s job well. The paint underneath is mostly fine and only has a few small paint chips. It’d be much much worse without it.

Ceramic Coating:

Of all the work I had done, this is what I’m most impressed with. I will never buy a car again and not have a ceramic coating applied. Not only that, I encourage everyone I know (friends, coworkers, family) to do the same. It’ the best money I’ve ever spent on my car. It makes cleaning the car a breeze and shines like a fresh coat of wax. I’ve yet to test out the self healing properties of the coating, but I look forward to doing so this summer.

Melvin D